Location:Łódź, Al. Marszałka E. Śmigłego – Rydza 20
Client:CROSS POINT Sp. z o.o.
Space:15 500 m2
Design:2007-2008 all stages of a comprehensive, cross-industry project, working and building permit design, land development, connections, roads
Design:2008-2009 with AGG project architect’s supervision
Alteration of a ten-storey building previously owned in the 1970s by a clothing brand (Próchnik) into a modern B+ office building featuring a commercial and service part, in addition to the design of a new, two-storey parking garage and a land development plan for the area adjacent to the building. It also included an office space design project and new building facade design with night-time exterior lighting. Before the adaptation, the building featured six floors. The two bottom floors originally served as high bay warehouses. We designed new ceilings, which allowed us to add two new floors.

Very noticeable, erected on high ground and visible from afar, the building was given a distinct form: a translucent, glass facade set in a distinct black “net”. Thanks to the large glass panes, its users constantly participate in the “external world”. We also created a terrace with a view of the city for them, which is used by the Łódź television studio located on the top floor.

The design has been the object of much attention and won numerous awards, including a “Platinum Drill” statuette in the country-wide competition organised by BOSCH to promote exemplary collaboration between investors, designers and contractors.
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