Location: Skierniewice
Nowobielańska 61
Client: Voivodship Lodz
Area: 1030 m2
Design:   2022
Realization in progress
The idea behind the design of the headquarters of the Landscape Parks Complex of the Lodz Voivodeship - THE EDUCATION CENTRE OF THE BOLIMOW PARK KRAJOBRAZOWSKI is to popularise and pass on to future generations the knowledge of the history and flora and fauna of the park.

The main objective was to create a facility that is functional and attractive to children and young people, and this was taken into account in the functional structure and architectural expression of the building, which in themselves are intended to arouse interest and attract visitors to the centre.

The entire architectural composition is based on a circular plan, which is an obvious SYMBOL of the CENTRE,
in the centre of which a pergola in the form of a large tree is planned.
In this way, the building forms an atrium with a huge 'tree' around which runs an internal corridor. This layout of the building creates architecturally attractive usable spaces, well lit and connected to the outside of the building, which is a natural continuation of the educational and recreational functions carried out in the building.
The centre will be used to organise training, exhibition and cultural activities, mainly aimed at children and young people and academics, to develop interest in the nature of the Bolimowski Landscape Park, protected plants and animals, forms of nature conservation, with particular emphasis on promoting knowledge of bees as social and particularly useful insects.

The building was covered with a flat green roof.

The interestingly arranged landscaping is an extension of the building's function and has been closely composed with its architecture. Educational and recreational paths will activate users' activities, even before they enter the interior of the building.
The facility has convenient parking for cars and coaches as well as bicycle parking.
The facility is open to the public and is also suitable for people with disabilities, wheelchair users and the blind and visually impaired.
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