Location: Lodz
Piwna 2/Drewnowska 63/75
Area: 18 600 m2
Design: 2022
Project - first stage
Realization:   in progres   
PIWNA MARKET - cultural, commercial and service centre - was designed to meet the needs of Łódź citizens and local producers from the Łódź region.

The idea was to create a multifunctional space, a modern marketplace for organic products and handicrafts. Area with catering and a tourist, cultural and educational function were designed.

Among the century-old trees and historic buildings that are an interesting example of a hospital complex built by Izrael Poznanski at the beginning of the twentieth century, in the immediate vicinity of Manufaktura was created the green zone in the form of a naturalistic park linked to a market with organic products from local farmers, with a restaurant and park pavilions with various functions.

An urban space with its own identity has been created, all the more remarkable because it is based on the uncommon historical and natural values of the place, hitherto undiscovered by the citizens of Łódź.
The new Centre will enable local vendors (eco-farmers) to trade in a covered year-round market, as well as in 'summer' pavilions integrated into the greenery and existing historical buildings. Next to the intensively urbanised and practically devoid of greenery Manufaktura, a unique leisure zone with quiet corners of the park has been designed, with the possibility of eco-shopping, direct contact with selected organic food producers, consumption of the above-mentioned products, exchange of knowledge on healthy nutrition.
The way of development, the adaptation of historical buildings of the former Poznański Hospital, the introduction of an eco-market with traditional forms of sale, small-scale architecture, exposure of beautiful specimens of trees and new planting create an attractive oasis of silence, relaxation, rest, small eco-shopping and respite from the 'climate' and bustle of Manufaktura.
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