Location: Łódź, Brzezińska
Floor space 1900 m2

2022 - 2023
Concept design
Building permit design
Tender design with the organization of the tender to select the General Contractor
Executive project
Interior design
 Execution 2023
with AGG project supervision
The design of the warehouse-industrial-service-office complex - the new headquarters of METFORMAT - was based on the investor's individual requirements. The plant was designed "on a green field".

The building was divided into two zones: a two-storey office building and a single-storey multifunctional hall.
The design visually divides the different parts of the complex by using different façade materials: glass and metal.

The two-storey glazed office and staff building serves as the representative headquarters.
The main entrance has been 'sculpted' into the body of the office building by means of an indentation in the façade at ground floor level. The distinctive geometric form created in this way includes a glazed atrium, which is the representative part of the entrance area with a reception desk and a multifunctional common space designed as a venue for meetings and events.
An area of more than 600 metres will house specialised equipped design studios with a server room, conference and training rooms. In the design department, projects and solutions for industry will be created.

The second part, on more than 1200 square metres, will house a modernly equipped storage and service hall. The industrial hall with an assembly room has been designed in accordance with the Investor's requirements for processing large-format aluminium, steel or wood surfaces.

The development project includes an access control zone, internal roads and a parking system.
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