Space:7600 m2
Design:2011 architect’s own concept
Architect’s own concept of a four-storey office building which emerged as a result of an urban analysis of a unique part of Łódź’s city centre and an investment plan encompassing office spaces, conference rooms and recreation functions.

The form chosen for the building led to an interesting historical dialogue: typical Łódź factory complexes abut nature (a sprawling garden square, enormous, old trees), a cathedral and modern architecture.

We “opened” the building by shaping it like the letter U, which resulted in a great view of the cathedral tower and the stately grove.

The design of the office building perfectly matches the surrounding space. The morphic form of the building is a unique feature while also perfectly matching its surroundings: it fills all of the “available” space (our goal was to maximise office space!), easily “evades” intersecting with the majestic canopies and fascinates everyone with its flowing facade.
The materials used for the facade and its colour – red brick, which is so typical of the industrial city of Łódź – and the dynamic, wavy glass surfaces have resulted in this building becoming part of the canon of local architecture.

On every floor of the building’s wings, we placed green viewing terraces and green roofs.

The dimensions of the courtyard and its architecture (including the rhythm of the massive pillars) create a unique interior, lending the office building a majestic appearance.

Analysing pedestrian traffic, we discovered the need to design two equivalent entrances which lead to one official entrance hall. We designed a building which perfectly matches its urban location, whose architecture is a source of exquisite aesthetic and functional experiences – which is exactly what its creative and demanding future users expect.

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