Location: Łódź
Client: Private investor
Floor space: 276 m2
Design: 2022 - all stages of a comprehensive, cross-industry project, land development, connections, utilities, roads
Execution: 2022 - with AGG project architect’s supervision
The project of the house Roof with a Concept was born from the Investor's dream of a beautiful roof without windows, which, like a cap pulled over the ears, protects its inhabitants from rain and wind, giving the building a unique style and original charm. In the case of this project, therefore, it was not just about the "roof over the head". Usually the form of the roof and the way it is finished are determined by so many conditions that the designer's freedom becomes very limited. In order to make the roof "sit" on the house like a cap pulled over the ears, the architects, inversely to the usual, began the conceptual work by designing a unique roof, the shape of which would decide the body of the building.

The key task was to shape the roof in such a way as to avoid impractical skylights, which was the investor's wish. This was accomplished by optimally shaping the roof to provide each room with the optimal amount of sunlight through standard vertical windows. An optimal roof model was created, taking into account the relationship between ease of construction, cost of construction and the usable space obtained in the attic: a symmetrical multi-pitched envelope roof with dormers passing smoothly into the eaves - all on a wooden structure with a 40° pitch. The body of the building is complemented by flat roofs over the garage and the main entrance to the building.
Large glazing is another wish of the investor, which was realized with cost optimization. This gained more light in the rooms and a modern look to the facade. The western elevation merges the house with the garden thanks to these glazings, creating a visual enlargement of the space inside the building.

Thoughtful color combinations of individual elements of the building have been used: the white of the walls optically enlarges their planes, the gray of the fence, driveways, gates and roof creates distinctive accents, the color of wood insulates the facades and emphasizes the naturalness of the pergola.

A passive house using renewable energy has been designed, while being economical and functional - with a garage and a usable attic for a family of four. The ground and first floor levels separate the living and quiet zones. The first floor is occupied by a spacious, sunny living room connected to the dining room with a panoramic exit to the open patio, a kitchen with access to the hall and dining room. The attic houses small suites, bedrooms with dressing rooms and bathrooms.

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