Location: Lodz, Głowackiego Street
Client: Municipal Sports
and Recreation Center
Area of the land 16 000 m2
Design 2021
Concept project
Building permit project
Author's and investor's supervision
 Execution 2021
with AGG project supervision
The project includes the modernization of the Center for Sport and Recreation MOSiR - an open swimming pool in Łódź at Głowackiego Street, offering new forms of water recreation, attractive aesthetics of architectural and urban solutions with proposals of forms of small architecture and green compositions.
The mission of the MOSiR Sports and Recreation Center - an outdoor swimming pool is
to create an attractive, multi-faceted and safe summer recreation and leisure base for all age groups in the northern part of Łódź.
The goal was achieved by organizing many zones of activities, games and spots around the pool, based on the main avenue in the form of a ring, surrounding and  organizing the entire area of ​​the Center.
The  composition is based on a circular plan: clear SYMBOL OF THE CENTER, in the center of which is a swimming pool.
The form of organization of the space of the Center enables easy orientation in the field and "multi-kilometer" walks along the attractive lavender avenue, highlighted by pergolas. The entire development of the area around the swimming pool with a system of pergolas, paths, outdoor toys, umbrellas, sunshades, leisure cubes, sports, educational and gastronomic facilities is composed with the existing and planned green zone.
A new fence has been designed, a parking lot for bicycles, and a new entrance zone with an entrance yard with wooden platforms, attractive, diverse urban floor, walking alley - ring with pergolas and lavender, pool zones with wave-shaped benches, promenade along the pool, external changing room system, children's pool and slide, gastronomic gardens, mini basketball fields, sandpit, sensory path, graffiti and a board for play, water park, sunbathing glades equipped with umbrellas, sun sails, deckchairs, cups with tables, benches, rockery.
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