location Lodz, Arturówek
Client City Lodz
area 1 285 m2
design 2020 multi-branch
building and executive design,
land development, networks
execution 2020 with AGG supervision
The project included the renovation of the kayak  - port, including the existing main building, along with the development of the waterfront area - on an area of ​​approximately 1,285 sqm.
The investment area is located in the Łagiewnicki Forest in Łódź, by the Arturówek water reservoir, within the recreation and sports complex, a popular place for residents and tourists. The port is located in the heart of this area, next to the main bridge.
The designers' goal was to restore the quay to the users and to create a place that would become the hallmark of the entire area and harmoniously merge the renovated facilities with the surrounding nature and landscape.
Comprehensive documentation has been prepared, including the construction and detailed design, greenery and irrigation design. Garden and relaxation zones as well as forest slopes were created as recreation places with seats and outdoor toys.
A new moored pier for the disabled was designed and the existing ones were renovated.
Especially for the needs of the investment, an individual design of a long bench for the entire waterfront with decorative lighting was made.
The Illumination Project for the entire area makes the place attractive also in the evening hours.
The designers also planned educational boards and a playground for children. The entire facility has been adapted to the needs of disabled people.
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