Location: Lodz, Nowy Józefów 70
Floor: 13000 m2
Design: 2018 - 2019 multi-branch
building (replacement) and executive design,
land development, connections, networks, roads
Execution: 2019 with AGG supervision

Replacement and executive construction design and author's supervision for the investment consisting in the expansion of the Gillette blades production plant: the building of the cold engine room with the chiller shutter wall, the office building, the social building with the cloakroom for employees, together with the extension of external installations, including: electricity, sanitary and rainwater drainage, and extension of mechanical ventilation as well as reconstruction and extension of roads, internal communication and parking lots.
As part of the project, technical analyzes were carried out to expand the existing factory, optimal systems for incorporating newly designed installations into existing installations.
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