Location:Łódź, ul. Styrska
Client:Private investor
Design:2015 concept, working design, AGG project architect’s supervision
Modernisation and alteration of the interiors of a three-storey terraced house, including interior design, reinforcing the building’s frame and replacement of existing utility systems.

The task was to adapt the house’s interiors to the needs of its new owners, who wished to live in unique, bespoke interiors and derive pleasure from looking at beautiful architectural details every day.

Therefore, a number of individual solutions were selected for each room. Very precise drawings depicting detail solutions were created: openwork walls, mirrors, shelves, housings, plinths, the fireplace, lighting, ceilings, floor and wall tile layouts.

The old stairs were disassembled and replaced with a lattice staircase – featuring a bent railing, with oak steps resting on a subtle, white steel structure. The design process proceeded in close collaboration with the Investor, who desired to live in an interior which is both modern and timeless, as well as unique-looking.

The small bathroom is very popular with visitors – we used a surprising visual effect of a multiple mirrored image of a photograph of a Łódź townhouse. The photograph of the facade of Łódź’s Poznań Palace was taken by architect Anna Grabowska to be used in this very interior.
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