Client:University of Łódź
The ex-libris project is a summary of the long history of the University of Łódź Library. Thus, it not only references its history, but also makes one realise how modern it is in the present. Every institution’s headquarters is usually its unique hallmark. Thus, we decided that the ex-libris should refer to the architectural form of the Library’s building. This made the ex-libris unique and “made to measure”.

Above the entrance to the Library, three angular shapes can be seen, intersecting with a cuboid. This served as the starting point for developing the graphical form of the ex-libris. The composition and graceful colour inversion make it appear crystalline, reminiscent of something precious. It is an allegory of the great value of the knowledge available to everyone in the Library. The lettering refers to the Library’s long history and tradition. The classic serif font contrasts with the synthetic, modern graphic design.
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