Location:Łódź, Old Town Square
Client:Urban Forms foundation
Design:2016 construction permit and working design
Execution:2016 with AGG project architect’s supervision
Jerzy Janiszewski, a graphic designer living in Spain, and the author of the logo of the “Solidarity” movement, designed the artistic installation “RIBBONS” for the city of Łódź at the behest of Teresa Latuszewska-Syrda, President of the Urban Forms foundation. The artist’s works have been known to transform cities such as Madrid and Barcelona. In 2012, Janiszewski’s installation “Ribbon concert” accompanied the “Solidarity of Arts” festival in Gdańsk. For the purpose of this project, AGG partnered with the artist and the URBAN FORMS foundation.

The location for the installation was not chosen at random. The Old Town Square lies within the urban and cultural landscape zone of the “Old Town”, which is a registered heritage area of the City of Łódź. The visual installation comprises four steel towers. A net is spread between them, with thousands of colourful ribbons hanging from it, each approx. 10 metres long and 5-7 cm wide.

The enormous, openwork masts are not only what the ribbon roof rests on – they also constitute a beautiful, spatial form. The energising, rustling and vibrant installation is a background for numerous artistic events, initiatives and exhibitions.
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