Location:Łódź, Łagiewniki Forest buffer zone
Space floor:180 m2
When designing this detached home, the designers took into account three factors: the specificity of the area (Łagiewniki Forest buffer zone), the needs of the client, and the building’s positioning in relation to the four cardinal directions. The architects wanted to meet the needs of the future user of the building while being respectful of its natural surroundings. The modern-looking, large glass panes make the simple shape of the building appear more attractive.

The round terrace, which is available from both floors, is a relaxation zone and a place for children to play. The interior was designed with preserving as much space as possible in mind, as well as to ensure it is comfortable and convenient for the residents to use.

The open day zone is a modern solution – the atrium connects all floors, facilitating family bonding. The large, majestic living room is the heart of the building. The large terrace windows connect the interiors with the garden and let in a lot of natural light, which makes the interiors well-lit and light.
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