Location:Łódź, ul. Północna 47/51
Client:Music Theatre
Design:2011 architectural concept with a functional and utility program and implementation schedule
The building houses a large theatre and is situated near Północna Street. It is a detached, middle-rise structure (three overground floors and one underground floor). A partially-roofed, arch-shaped square is located in front of the entrance facade as a consequence of how the building is composed. The scenic portal is supposed to be the symbol of the new Music Theatre – a setting in which plays will take place. A giant glass curtain conceals a “decoration” in the form of a modernised entrance section. The space thus created increases audience sensitivity to theatrical and musical stimuli. The building is composed of three shapes which increase in size the farther they are from Północna St.

The entrance facade assumes the form of a portal and its size matches the scale of the street. It obstructs the expanding shapes located behind it, which results in retaining the human scale of the building despite its considerable overall cubature. The building appears smaller thanks to the stairs being detached from the middle part at the level of the fourth floor and the addition of an external gallery above the rehearsal room. The results is an illusion of a four-storey middle part, as opposed to the actual five levels. The entrance portal, supporting beams, roofs above the rehearsal rooms and the southern wing of the building are boat- or almond-shaped. This lends the building a dynamic and individual look, while also indirectly referring to the name of our city.
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