Location:Poznań Krzesiny Military Airport
Client:Ministry of Nnational Defence
Space:total building area 27,150m2 area space 41 ha
Design:2001 - 2005 all stages of a comprehensive, cross-industry project, land development, connections, utilities
Execution:2005 - 2008 AGG project architect’s supervision
Multi-purpose complex of buildings of varying sizes and a land development plan for 41 ha of space on the territory of the Poznań Krzesiny military airport. It is a comprehensive, innovative, design of a base for F16 fighter aircraft, the first of its kind in Poland, encompassing: 16 reinforced concrete shelters/aircraft hangars, an administration and office building with a conference and training centre equipped with the latest office technologies in line with NATO standards, a ground support service building, systems of shelters for personnel and equipment/fuel, taxiways, a road system, a land drainage system, underground and surface-level technical infrastructure spanning several dozen ha, and a system of fences and security measures with access control.

The design was created from the ground up on a previously grassy and forest-covered area, and takes into account, in addition to the typical construction-related issues, the specificity of and regulations governing military aircraft bases related to explosion proofing, maintaining confidentiality and being in accordance with NATO provisions, as well as acoustic protection.
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