Client:BRE.locum SA
Area:35 000 m2
Design:2010 concept, contest project
A housing neighbourhood design in a perfect location in the city centre. The design required taking into account the complex location and conservation-related factors. The concept entailed the creation of an individualised housing complex whose expressive architecture would grant its residents a unique identity and be a source of satisfaction to them. The buildings were designed to be unambiguously reminiscent of a serene oasis, unaffected by the surrounding hustle and bustle despite being situated in the city centre. The everyday car traffic was limited to the level of the underground car park.

The post-industrial wall fragments existing on the plot (remnants of one of the red brick factories so typical of the city) were under the protection of the Monument Preservation Office and were thus incorporated into the design of the buildings and their surroundings. The post-industrial past of this place will be a point of pride to its inhabitants. The complex also matches the post-industrial atmosphere of its surroundings with regard to the facade materials used: red clinker and light, sheet metal “scales”. The attention to detail and the simple form of the buildings highlight the neighbourhood’s prestige and designer approach. We intend to employ visual information coding which lends a sense of uniqueness and makes moving around the neighbourhood easier. Every building was assigned a meadow-related symbol, e.g. flower, cow, butterfly, frog, etc., and our proposed name for the neighbourhood was “Meadow Oasis”, which is also a reference to the name of the street.
Optimal sun exposure and energy efficiency was ensured despite the dense architecture.

Approx. 250 flats of varying sizes (from 38 to 100 m2) were designed on the eight overground floors. The compact and simple structures enabled us to use flexible solutions – combining flats to achieve the required amount of space and diverse layouts to ensure an individual approach to interior design. The housing complex also makes it possible to design very personalised terraces – from spacious loggias with “pockets” behind glass walls to loggia-balcony and balcony-bay window hybrids protruding irregularly from the facades. The building complex includes common and recreation rooms, e.g. a fitness room, a gym, a common room for children and the elderly. A garden with meadow plants is planned to be planted around the buildings, in addition to common spaces featuring various urban flooring, lamps and small-scale architecture referencing the post-industrial atmosphere.

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