Space:350 m2
A detached home with a clearly-marked professional area (studies, library, secretariat room), a winter garden and a garage. The distinct, modern architecture of the building matches the investor’s requirement that the house be unique.

The concept of CLEAN THROUGH is based on the principle of internal traffic – a broad corridor cuts clean through the entire building, dividing it into two parts and serving as an axis along which the remaining rooms were laid out and their functions planned.

The corridor, which is a tall pavilion fitted with glass panes and full of exotic plants and music, is an architectural chill-out zone for the residents, as well as serving as a place for business meetings.

We named the house CLEAN THROUGH also because light plays the most important role in it – it comes in from all sides, filling the building with positive energy, and everyone who enters its unique interiors with optimism. The building features natural colours (wood, sandstone, natural stone), a gable roof and simple, balanced proportions.
The two-level part of the building houses the residential part: the dining room, living room, audiovisual room, bedroom and guestrooms. The single-level part, connected by the CLEAN THROUGH corridor with the office part, constitutes the professional part.
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