Location:Łódź, ul. Pomorska 171/173
Client:University of Łódź
Floor space:20 050 m2
Design:2009-2010 all stages of a comprehensive, cross-industry project, land development, connections, utilities, roads
Execution:2011-2012 with AGG project architect’s supervision
The Faculty of Philology is unique in that its organisational structure is both extensive and fragmented - the numerous study programmes and institutes reflect the plethora of languages and specialisations it offers, as well as a wealth of different cultures - which is reflected in the new building’s design.

This diversity is what gave us the idea to design the building as several different, intersecting shapes of varying sizes.

To match the nature of the Faculty, the entrance area is decorated with quotes in various languages sculpted in antiqua font in the stone facade.

Also distinct are the massive facades of the side wings with their white, irregular vertical profiles against dark glass surfaces. The profiles envelop the wings of the building: the facades “spring to life” with the rhythm of the vertical lines together with the shifting perspective of passers-by, as well as with the shadows changing with the position of the Sun. The railing along the moat meshes well with the facades. Varying, unique effects can be seen at different times of day.
The transparent, well-lit central hall (atrium) - the heart of the building, connects all of its floors. In the atrium, you can experience the unique effect of all floors intersecting, as well as the interaction of lights, shadows and reflections.

The multicultural nature of the Faculty of Philology is also referenced in the colours used for the interiors. Each of the six floors features a different colour of the rainbow, resulting in a diverse effect and serving as a very clear colour code for the entire building. The white walls and ceilings, the grey floors and the “ephemerality” of the glass railings serve as the background for these distinctly colourful elements. The brightness of the interior is highlighted by the use of bespoke white furniture, e.g. tables, reception and cloakroom desks.

The building serves more than 6000 users, and we designed it to give a new identity and value to the Faculty of Philology, which had previously operated in seven random buildings scattered across Łódź for more than 50 years!

The new building not only integrates all study programmes offered by the Faculty - it has become the pride and symbol of its users.

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