Location:Łódź, Narutowicza
Client:University of Lodz
Space:5 800 m2
Design:2017 - 2018 contest project
The newly-designed building of the Faculty of Educational Sciences of the University of Łódź is situated in an important location in the dynamically-modernised centre of the city, on a newly-built road – Rodziny Scheiblerów Avenue, which is the main access route to the New City Centre and the Łódź Fabryczna train station. In accordance with the land development plan for the area, the building is a frontage development. Located in a part of the city which is highly visible from several directions, it will serve as a setting for its part of the University’s campus and the main access road to the New City Centre and the Łódź Fabryczna train station. The new building’s architecture harmonises with the majestic buildings in its vicinity (courthouse, theatre). It is the first part of the frontage development on Rodziny Scheiblerów Avenue. Its long facade follows a simple line set by the existing buildings and takes into account the buildings planned to be erected on the neighbouring plots. From the side of the Avenue, the Faculty building’s design involves combining several distinct parts of the building and the integrated auditorium with one, homogeneous facade. The pilasters add cohesion to the entire structure and the building serves as a setting for the campus, in addition to lending the other University buildings a majestic appearance.

At the same time, any future university developments, which may appear difficult due to the necessity of adapting the existing buildings, can be easily designed thanks to the integrating “curtain” of the facade, which coherently walls off its part of the campus from the side of the majestic avenue. Looking from the campus, the design of the building of the Faculty of Educational Sciences follows the principle of filling up the space between the existing buildings with its sprawling shape, in addition to creating attractive external spaces such as patios, squares and pedestrian avenues between the existing and future parts.
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