Location:Łódź, ul. Brzechwy 5, Poland
Client:BEJA - MED Sp. z o.o.
Space:660 m2
Design:2007 all stages of a comprehensive, cross-industry project, land development, connections, roads
Execution:2008-2009 AGG project architect’s and investor’s supervision
The project saw a transformation of the BEJA-MED building from a neighbourhood pavilion into a modern medical centre. The building was extended (including upward), creating a clinic and rehabilitation centre complex. Architect Matylda Grabowska’s concept was implemented: in 2015, a mural by the Mexican artist Paola Delfin decorated one of the walls (in line with the wall’s original purpose) as part of AGG’s partnership with the Urban Forms foundation, which was responsible for creating and popularising murals and street art in Łódź.
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