Location Łódź, ul. Kmicica 5, ul. Jugosłowiańska 6 (Nowosolna), Germany, several sites
Client City Lodz, Investment units of the German public administration
Design 2016 - 2020 several designs, construction permit and working design, details, service provided in Polish and German.
Execution  2016 - 2020 execution of several designs
AGG has partnered  on modular projects for Polish and German investors. The modular system requires the designers to have knowledge technology system, German construction law, German norms and standards, as well as the design skills necessary to adapt the system to the individual needs of particular customers. We carry out architectural projects from the construction permit (in German offices) to working and interior designs. Our design team specialises in modular design, which is an alternative to traditional methods. All drawings and descriptions are created in Polish and German.

Modular buildings are becoming increasingly popular as they help optimise costs and offer shorter construction and on-site assembly times, but require the designers to be able to adapt the technology in use to the project at hand. A “ready-made” building split into modules is delivered to the construction site – it comes with all of the necessary systems, partition walls, windows, doors, floors and fully-furnished bathrooms, which allows the modules to be assembled (combined) quickly.  Such buildings can also be moved elsewhere, if need be.

This technology is primarily dedicated for the public utility sector, in particular for projects with short deadlines.In modular technology have been developed multi-branch designs for building permits, execution and  interior design, kitchen technology and equipment, details of architectural solutions for new nursery buildings at Kmicica 5 and Jugosłowiańska 6 (Nowosolna) in Lodz. Land development of the whole plot was designed, taking into account the special function of the nursery, including acoustic aspects, parts of the world, sunlight.
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