Location:Łódź, Freedom Square
Client:The City of Łódź
Design:2007 contest
A concept design created as part of an urban planning contest for a “Functional and spatial alteration concept for the Freedom Square, including an urban furniture concept for this historic public space in Łódź”, organised by the City of Łódź.

The author, architect Matylda Grabowska, redesigned the Square’s distinct octagonal area with the tall monument to Tadeusz Kościuszko in its centre – one of the most important places as regards the city’s identity. The cascading fountain design introduces order to the Square – it separates tram traffic from the main, official part, which is only available to pedestrians. The fountain serves as the setting for the monument to Kościuszko, as well as a source of cool water on hot days. The Square’s “equipment” – benches, advertising columns, sculptures and lanterns – harmonise with the city’s 19th-century architecture.

The metamorphosis will result in an attractive place to relax and meet up among the compact buildings of the 19th-century city.
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