Location:Łódź, Solidarity Roundabout
Space:6200 m2
The PORTA CIVITAS ACADEMICAE project was developed as part of an urban planning study of the Warsaw-side entrance to Łódź and to meet the need of “introducing spatial order” to the Solidarity Roundabout. Palki Avenue, with its majestic verdance, closes the capital-side of the Solidarity Roundabout, which sports a distinct, oval shape. This is where the city – its urbanised tissue – actually begins. The Roundabout’s oval shape encompasses the St Therese Church, an arch of residential and service buildings (on both sides of Pomorska Street) and the Green Horizon office building. The famous PARAGRAPH (i.e. the building of the Faculty of Law and Administration), which can easily be seen from the Roundabout, does not form a “wall” of the square, however, and appears low-rise compared to other buildings due to its distance from the Roundabout. Porta Civitas Academicae is another element which completes and emphasises the oval shape of the Solidarity Roundabout. It is a majestic city gate leading to the University of Łódź campus and a symbol of the university city that is Łódź. The building comprises: a promotion centre for candidates and students, a trade fair information centre, a university museum, an exhibition centre, a publishing house headquarters, a cross-university partnership coordination centre and student organisation offices, as well as an EU university partnership centre.

Nowadays, the power of a good image is invaluable. Thanks to our concept, Łódź as a university city gained a symbolic building which connects the local universities, presents them in a great light and suits the city itself.
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