Client:private investor
Area:12 000 m2
Design:2009 concept
A multi-purpose commercial and exhibition centre for Mercedes located in Algeria. An adaptation and extension project of an existing hall for the purposes of a modern car showroom and a land development plan, car park, garden and exhibition space.

The centre comprises: an official entrance area, an administrative and office area with a business customer service section, a new model presentation showroom, and a service workshop.

Unique design solutions were used to adapt the building to the Algerian climate. The depth of the existing cuboid hall required the use of roof windows (additional lighting), which had to be shaded, however. This was achieved by, for example, using a system of individual shaders – wings which adhere to the wall vertically by default and “rise” in front of the facade and above parts of the roof. The repeating rhythm of the shader wings results in a fascinating look of the facade.

The roof above the entrance comprises membrane modules reminiscent of tents set up on masts. The light awnings above the repeating elements can be copied, combined and used according to the investor’s needs.
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