Location:Łódź, ul. Zachodnia
Client:Study project, part of a discussion on how to best restore the lost frontages of Zachodnia Street in Łódź, which was widened by demolishing the townhouses standing on one of its sides.
Space:27 000 m2
Design:2009 study project
Libraries... what are they like in the modern times?

Are they places where we enjoy ourselves and pursue our passions, or are they only for fulfilling our duties as students and employees?

We are currently observing a transformation of the library’s role as a public institution. Its “offer” is targeted at an increasingly broader audience – in addition to its books, it attracts its customers – the readers – both skilfully and in interesting ways. The (e)-L dot library matches the latest technological and library trends. The idea was to create a building which matches the negatively-transformed urban area, restoring its harmony, while at the same time ensuring that the building itself looks unique and intriguing. Thus, as part of the library design, a comprehensive revitalisation project of the densely-built quarter of Łódź was carried out, taking into account its historical aspects (the area between Zachodnia, Zielona, Więckowskiego and Piotrkowska Streets).
The dynamic, oblique form of the building references the historic plot boundaries. The old land division also inspired us to configure the library’s facade irregularly and adapt it to the scale of 19th-century urban buildings. The expansive, majestic, five-storey atrium is the setting for the building’s main entrance. The atrium is covered by a glass ceiling resting on tall, thin pillars. Its interior is perfect for organising exhibitions and other events. Thanks to its slightly majestic atmosphere, it is a unique meeting point – a place full of art, music, space, plants, light, fun, inspiration, a world of books, information and pleasure. Due to the way its collections are utilised, the library building is divided into two main parts: a specialised library with a “traditional” reading room, book conservation rooms and compact storerooms, as well as an “open access” library featuring the latest technologies.

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