Location:Lubliniec, Katowice Special Economic Zone
Client:Eurobox Polska
floor space:33 530 m2
Area:124 657 m2
Design:2017-2018 all stages of a comprehensive, cross-industry project integrated with the investor’s production technology, land development, connections, utilities, roads
Execution :2017 - 2018
A corrugated cardboard and packaging production plant design for EUROBOX Polska sp. z o.o., and an office, exhibition and social building design for DUNAPACK PACKAGING – Europe’s leading manufacturer of paper, corrugated cardboard and packagings.

It is a greenfield design which meets the requirements of modern technologies and is in accordance with the very restrictive fire and environmental protection regulations. The building is also equipped with a railway siding, dock plates for lorries, a forwarding office, a reception and security building, a laboratory, a technical building with workshops, transformer rooms with an MV switching station, a fire water tank with a pumping station and a weighbridge, among others.

The office, exhibition and social building serves as the company’s headquarters. In addition to its office rooms, it also offers several conference and training rooms, as well as an exhibition area with a showroom, among others. The main entrance was accentuated and “sculpted” in the building’s surface by cutting out a fragment of the facade as tall as the building itself. The resulting distinct, geometrical shape comprises a glass atrium which serves as the official part of the entrance area and contains the reception and a multi-purpose common area, designed as a place for meetings, exhibitions and events.

The land development plan encompasses internal roads and a system of parking spaces, all utilities and acoustic protection, as well as a recreation zone with a water tank and a park – a place to relax and meet up.
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