Location:Łódź, ul. Okólna
Client:Private investor
Space:250 m2
Design:2010-2011 all stages of a comprehensive, cross-industry project, land development, connections
Execution:2013 - 2017
The design of this house is a successful dialogue between tradition and modern detached home design trends – it fulfils the owners’ wish for a comfortable, functional and modern house which is stylistically reminiscent of a Polish manor house.

We designed the house to stay true to classic proportions, with a porch sporting massive pillars and railings, hidden under a sprawling roof. The porch is broad enough for those standing on it to relax while sipping wine and watching the sunset.

The building features two floors and a functional attic – we ensured that all of the rooms are “integrated” with the surrounding nature by way of great views from the windows.

A unique, semi-circular terrace-orangery sporting a glass roof and resting upon steel columns stands adjacent to the shorter, south-eastern facade of the house – it matches the lifestyle of the owners and is a zone which is still part of the living room, while also already being part of the garden.
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