Location:Łódź, Lumumby neighbourhood
Space:700 m2
Design:2011 functional arrangement design and interior design
Execution:2011 AGG project architect’s supervision
The design is in line with the University of Łódź’s principles with regard to raising children, e.g. spending time in aesthetically-perfect and inspiring spaces. The exemplary kindergarten of the University of Łódź was built on the ground floor of an existing student dormitory.

We carved out a separate entrance with an awning, incorporated the new function into the existing layouts and facades, as well as designing an adjacent playground. This comprehensive project encompassed furnishing, lighting, colour selection, floor, wall and ceiling design. It matches the latest educational and care trends, according to which THE BEST AESTHETICS AND GREAT DESIGN ARE FUNDAMENTAL TO RAISING CHILDREN. The floor of the entire kindergarten is covered with a safe carpet with a meadow print, split by a stream featuring colourful “islands”, each with an educational function (group work, activities involving jumping on the correct fields). The light-blue ceilings are reminiscent of the sky with lamp-clouds. The walls combine floral motifs with animal silhouettes. The bathrooms are decorated with unique collages made up of a wide range of ceramic tiles. We designed a safe, cosy, vibrant and inspiring space for kindergartners to have fun and learn in.
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