Contest:City Urban Planning Centre in Łódź - organiser
Design:2011 contest project, project awarded with the Łódź City Architect’s Diploma
The contest design of a commercial and service booth (approx. 6 m2) for the City of Łódź, hearkening back to 19-20th-century Łódź architecture. The author of the design is architect Matylda Grabowska. She was able to achieve the downtown style typical of big cities by giving the booth the form of an octagonal pavilion and introducing glass pane divisions reminiscent of the windows of local townhouses. The historical urban architecture of Łódź was a source of inspiration when designing the booth’s details and interior: its shape, the display windows, the lighting and openwork decorations, the eaves and the spiky roof are all a reference to what Łódź architecture was like in the previous era. The materials used include hot-galvanised and powder-coated steel and glass. The colours include shades of graphite with green verdigris.

The design involves systematic, repeatable solutions featuring simple and durable structures: poles with walls “inserted” between them. The walls can contain various features depending on the location, e.g. a display window with an external countertop, a tall display window, a counter-level display window + bench, a full wall, walls with light-up advertisements, exhibition walls.

Thanks to the use of systematic sections, the booths can easily be adapted to serve particular functions: from selling newspapers to providing various services, from commerce to catering. The author also ensured it was possible to combine them as modules, making it possible to create forms of various sizes and featuring different layouts, depending on the location, function and available space.
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