Location:Łódź, ul. Inżynierska 4 / ul. Radwańskiej
Design:2013 - 2017
Execution:several design and execution stages adapted to match the holiday school building renovation schedule
A colour and facade lighting renovation of a four-storey building – an old townhouse in a prominent location at the intersection of Inżynierska and Radwańska Streets, neighbouring the old Poniatowski Park. Currently, it is used by the “EDUCATION” Teaching Association School Complex.

We decided to restore the damaged sections (cornices, window frames), and designed new canopies, doors and railings to match the historical nature of the building. We proposed a totally new set of colours for the facade – a combination of brick red with warm greys. The new colours perfectly highlight the facade’s details, making the building look unique. The facade renovation design lends the townhouse a stately look and highlights its historical nature, integrating it with the urban complex of the surrounding buildings.
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