Location:Łódź, ul. Kościelna 10
Client:Private investor
Space:1000 m2
Design:2012-2013 all stages of a comprehensive, cross-industry project, working and building permit design, land development, connections, roads
Execution:2013-2018 with AGG project architect’s supervision
Up until very recently, a modest, old, unique-looking, detached red brick building could be found at 10 Kościelna Street in Łódź. It was erected in 1903 and designed by Franciszek Chełmiński, and originally constituted part of the neo-Gothic church complex of the 19th-century Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

Our design involves an alteration and renovation of the existing structure, as well as its considerable extension and adaptation to match its new purpose. Two companies will operate in the building after the extension: a veterinary clinic and a beauty centre with several salons, each with its own separate entrance and garden area.

The renovation also encompasses the building’s surroundings, with our aim being to integrate them functionally with the structure itself. The extension design is a powerful reference to the historical nature of the existing building, constituting its continuation and complementing the street’s frontages. The new brick part enabled us to restore this historical building to its former glory.

In 2017, the design was named the PEARL OF THE YEAR in the private investment category in Łódź.
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