Client:The Łódź Hospice for children association
Area:2500 m2
Design:2009 - 2010 concept, organizational and utility program
The design of a multiple-profile centre for children with chronic illnesses, in line with an innovative programme for multi-purpose medical centres, located on a plot bordering Łódź’s Łagiewniki Forest.

The children – who usually live with their families at home – can visit the centre for specialised procedures, including rehabilitation, dental care, psychological therapies, in addition to meeting other families (playing, sharing experiences). This ensures that they receive professional medical support.

The guiding principle was to create a building which exudes optimism, one which “participates” in the therapies. The pavilions which are fluidly arranged around the central entrance hall have various functions and feature a colourful facade. The following wards were designed: surgical ward, rehabilitation ward, mechanical ventilation ward, psychological therapy ward, including meeting and recreation rooms for children and families, specialised dentistry ward.

The hospice will also serve as a place for volunteers to receive training, in addition to providing equipment and organisational support for doctors and teams working with children at their homes every day.

The design guarantees a sense if intimacy in every part of the building, which is also closely integrated with its natural surroundings. A verdant courtyard brimming with greenery is the heart of the building.
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