Location: Łódź, Łagiewniki Forest buffer zone
Client: MCBK Sp. z o.o.

neighbourhood area: 10,843 m2

net area per building – 245 m2

Design: 2017 - 2018
A small-scale neighbourhood of comfortable, two-storey detached homes using energy-efficient and ecological solutions, featuring a unique design which meshes with the landscape, located in the buffer zone of the Łódź Hills Landscape Park.

The landscape was utilised perfectly, and the design and colours used for the buildings integrates them with their surroundings and the forest. Fragments of the buildings were hidden in the “hills” – mounds which constitute extensions of the buildings’ gardens. Also taken into account was the option to utilise green roofs and solar panels. Placing the buildings among the slopes constitutes a reference to the hilly landscape of the Łódź Hills Landscape Park, and enabled us to subtly accentuate and delineate the areas of particular plots without having to erect fences. The neighbourhood constitutes an attractive complex of buildings.

Visualisation: Marcin Pabich Visualisation
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